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The Volto Santo and the

Shroud of Turin



 Photo picture: Paul Badde

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This is the most unique image of the world. It is called the Volto Santo. Anyone can see it at close range. Pope Benedict XVI remained a long time in front of it during his visit in Manoppello, Italy on 1. September 2006. On this Website you’ll find information of the Shroud of Turin and also the relation to the Volto Santo, an Mandylion with the face of jesus found in Manoppello a smal town in Italy. This Mandylion could be the most holy relic of the christianity.

The shroud of Turin is well known and many websites have information of the shroud of Turin. Therefore I want to give more information to the Volto Santo and the relation to the shroud of Turin. Below you can finde two link. The link to the Volto Santo gives you the mentioned informations. The link to the shroud of Turin is an external link to an englisch website with informations to the shroud of Turin.


The authentic image of Jesus

The Volto Santo of Manoppello

The Shroud of Turin